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Wheel of Fortune

A quick project that if you get the categories right, can provide a lot of fun. It only took about half an hour at most to make.

First off, you need a circle. In theory you could use anything that you think would work. I chose the lid of an old tub, just because I thought the plastic would have a ‘wipe clean’ finish.

A word of warning, if you do it the same way as me, then you should know that it rubs off really easily. That’s good if you want to be able to change the categories and do it again (or if you want to use the lid for something else) but does mean that it would wipe/wash off if the kids get too rough with it or it rains. It’s no major problem to re-do it, but just letting you know! I guess you could use different types of paint and make it more permanent.

Anyway, back to the steps. Take a circle and put hole in the middle.

Separate it into as many sections as you want, and paint them in. We used kid’s water based paints which I dried with a hairdryer to speed it up (forever impatient). As mentioned before, it was fine but it will flake/wipe off quite easily, so if you want something more permanent maybe explore yourself what works.

Next you need your categories based on what the kids like doing. I painted these on, but if you had a wipeable marker that would be great.

I wanted to get our kids running around so a lot of them involve physical stuff, but you could make this more educational via a maths challenge, or pretty much anything you wanted.

Here’s our categories. I included the dreaded ‘sit quietly’ as a bit of jeopardy! I started with saying that if you land on this you have to be quiet for an hour but had to admit defeat and it ended up being for a minute. Shame.

Okay, so nearly there, you just need to take a screw or a nail and attach it on to something. I did have a bit of wood to use, but you could screw it to a fence post, or basically anything that you don’t mind having a small hole in. Remember to leave it loose enough that it will spin for a while.

If you’re cleverer than me you could probably work out how to put something on it that slows it down steadily (like on the Wheel of Fortune tv show) but I couldn’t think how to do that. I just painted a quick arrow at the top, which worked fine as it only spins for a few seconds before stopping anyway.

It’s ready to play! Take turns to spin the wheel and do the task! Bring some enthusiasm and be prepared to do your challenge – the kids were delighted to see their parents dancing in the garden. I guess we only have a short time before seeing me dance will become sheer embarrassment, but for now, they think I’ve got moves (I really haven’t).

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