Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

Amazon packaging to… snakes!

We like making things from cardboard in this house (or at least I do – see Today I was looking at the Amazon packaging that had been delivered and realised how long the paper was inside. Only one thing for it – make a snake!

I enlisted my 4 year old to help, and half way through it, my 7 year old actually turned off the telly to come and do his own. You know you’re on to something when that happens! We also made a stop motion video afterwards of the snake coming out of the box (using Stop Motion Studio app) which was really great fun. I’ll try and get better at doing those and then write a brief blog.

Anyway, a quick overview of how to make the snakes…

Get the paper out, it might look like this:

If that’s not a snake waiting to be made I don’t know what is!

Next, fold it over a couple of time at the end to make a head shape. I know from making the puppet (see:

that masking tape holds well and takes the paint nicely so we used that to wrap around the head to keep it in place.

The head

Then carry on with masking tape around the body to hold it together and give it shape.

Next get painting!

Nice and quick, but looks great! Why not have a go next time you’ve got an Amazon box!