Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

Proton Packs

We’re in lockdown 2 at the mo. The kids are still at school in the week, but after a brief period of being out and about more at weekends when restrictions were easier, we now find ourselves at a loose end again.

Today we had a cardboard box left over from our loo roll delivery (see, it was chucking it down with rain outside and so we wanted to think of something to do. In the end we came up with a Ghostbusters proton pack. Here’s how we did it…

Take a cardboard box, paint it black and let it dry. Hairdryer at the ready to speed up the drying process if your lot are as impatient as mine.

We had two packs to make, so we cut it in half.

Whilst that was drying, we copied the Ghostbusters logo on to some black card, painted it and left those to dry too, before gluing them on.

The kids then went to work on customising each of their packs – stickers, glitter, foil, cotton wool, whatever was in their craft box.

When they were happy with it, we were left with the issue of the gun/hoover thing that sucks the ghosts (that’s the technical term) and then the handles to put them on their backs with.

Luckily we’d made some snakes from some Amazon packaging a while ago that were now just lying around (see and so we cut a hole in the side of the pack and then shoved the snake through and sellotaped it on the inside to hold it in place. If for any reason you don’t have a snake (quite likely) then just improvise – if you had an old vacuum cleaner tube that would be amazing, but otherwise, some newspaper wrapped in tape or carrier bags knotted together – anything really.

Finally, we needed handles so they could put their arms through and carry them on their backs. For this, we made two hole at the top, two holes at the bottom and then tried threading wool/string from the top hole to the bottom one and looping round until it felt strong enough to hold the weight of the box. This was okay but we got bored and so just used the cords from our dressing gowns!

There were go – two ghostbusters ready to go. When it was all finished we then made a stop motion video of the two of them capturing a ghost.

A good effort, and kept them occupied for a few hours.