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Pizza Delivery! Imaginative play

Sunday morning part 2. When I’d well and truly lost at the game of ‘Feed Me Garden Game’ (see, we moved on to a bit of imaginative play, which actually really got my daughter howling with laughter, and shows how you can stretch something pretty simple into an hour or so of fun .

I don’t know if you’ve had a pizza delivery in lockdown but when our local Domino’s leaves our pizza now, they place it on the floor, balanced on a little empty pizza box (presumably so it doesn’t make your floor greasy until you pick it up).

That unused little pizza box provided the idea for a pizza delivery service game.

First, we made the pizza. This was a paper plate, painted red for tomato and then with toppings glued on. The toppings consisted of lots of circles (pepperoni), bits of felt (onion), yellow card (cheese) and bits of plant that she pulled off the garden (herbs).

Anyone for pizza?

When it was dry, she also spent some time painting the box. This had nothing to do with the actual pizza service, but stretched the task out by another half hour and allowed me to have a cup of tea in peace!

Then the fun began. We took it in terms to pretend to phone the other one. It went something like this.

“Ring Ring. Ring Ring.”

Pizza shop (my daughter): Hello, can I help you?

Customer (me): I’d like a pizza please.

Pizza shop: Okay, what do you want on it?

Customer: Ooh, just some ham and mushroom please.

Pizza shop: How many mushrooms?

Customer: Maybe, 5?

Pizza shop: We don’t have any mushrooms. Only vanilla flavour pizzas today.

Customer: Oh, okay well I’ve never had that but I’ll try it. How long will it take?

Pizza shop: Er….10 hours.

Customer: 10 hours!! Okay that’s a long time, but as long as its nice. How much is that?

Pizza shop: Er… Million pounds.

Customer: A million pounds for a pizza that takes ten hours! Well it better be tasty! See you in a bit.

Put the phone down.

Each time the scene got more elaborate, but basically once the order was placed, she would go over to her mud kitchen, pretend to cook it and then get on her bicycle and cycle the two metres to where I was sitting with the box in her hand. She’d then deliver it, I’d make some sort of complaint about the cost and how long its taken, and she’d shriek with laughter. The repetition made it funnier, although after about my fifth turn of being either the customer or the pizza shop, I did ring my mum and dad to get them to order one so I could have a break!

Pizza cooks in the sink apparently. Lots of other dishes on the go in the saucepans.
Delivery on its way.

Anyway, great fun whilst it lasted and free. You don’t have to have a Domino’s box (but its a good excuse to have one). I have to say I shamelessly sent a picture of the pizza to Domino’s on their social media hoping to get a free pizza. No such luck. Shame. Maybe next time.