Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids


Since I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve been pretty amazed at how simple things can be to make. Today we made a Piñata. It took not much longer than an hour and yeah, it looked pretty rustic but then again, a 4 year old did decorate it. Also, not sure about you, but I don’t want to spend that much time on something that’s then going to be hit with a stick.

Here’s how to do it:

First off, you need a cardboard box. Better to have a big one if you can, as you’ll need the flaps on the top/bottom too.

Decide what shape you want your Piñata to be. You could pick something elaborate, but I wasn’t sure at the start whether this would work or not, so we just went with a heart shape.

Cut it out and then use the first one as a template for the second one.

You then end up with two hearts.

Next step is to connect them together. We used the flaps from the top of the box, which we place in a strip around the outside of one of the hearts. We just used masking tape to hold it on, and to be honest I wasn’t convinced it would stay together, but it was fine.

You should then have a 3-D version of your heart, but just missing one side. Next step then, is to flip it over and stick the other heart on.

You’re now ready to decorate. Again, you could do this very elaborately, we just covered it in glue and stuck tissue paper on it.

We were also too impatient to let ours dry before we tried to hang it up.

To hang it, you could just make one hole in the top and thread some string through. Our seemed to be too big for that so I made two holes (one in each side) with a screwdriver then tied the string to a long twig and threaded it through using that. I’ll try to show what I mean in the photos below for no other reason that I was quite smug after I did it :

Make a hole in each side at the top.

You can either fill it with sweets before hanging it, or vice versa. We hung it up as I wanted to make sure the string was strong enough.

And that’s it! Easy peasy! Now, get some frustration out by bashing it with a stick, and then eat some sweets! Oh, maybe let the kids have a go too.