Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

From cardboard box to Handbag!

A craft session involving a cereal box, some paint and glue. Make yourself a fab-u-lous handbag!

First off, you need a cereal box. Open it out and cut along the folded lines. We used pretty much all of it, so don’t throw any away at this stage.

Then paint them all! Do it as simply or as flamboyantly as you want!

When they’re dry, draw the shape of your handbag on to one of the bigger bits. Cut it out and then use it as a template for the other one. Keep the thinner strips as they’ll give the handbag its depth.

You should now have fours pieces, two handbag shaped bits (for the front and back) and two strips.

Take one of the strips, and draw a straight line about centimetre from the top, all the way along. Do the same at the bottom. Take a pair of scissors or a knife and score it (not too deeply) so that it folds over and makes a crease.

Glue one of these thin folded edges of the strip on to the length of one of your handbag pieces. It should look like the picture below, with the painted bits on the outside and the cereal box still showing on the inside (unless of course you’ve been clever and painted both sides of the card, which thinking about it now might have been a good idea).

You’ve now got the front of the bag glued to the bottom. You can trim this off if your strip is a bit longer than the front.

Take the other strip, and cut it in two, which hopefully should give you enough length to cover both of the sides. Do the same in terms of creating a fold on each side if you haven’t already.

At one end of both strips, fold it over about a centimetre from the end, and then make a small cut down each side to make some little tabs which can fold over (see the picture on the right above). If you fold the sides up and press the tabs on the end, it should give you a box like edge. Glue that together.

Next step is to glue the side with the glued/folder edge on to the front and the bottom of your handbag. Do that on both sides, and it should look like this from the inside.

You then need to glue the back on. This might be the trickiest bit so far as unless you’ve measured if all really accurately (which I didn’t) there’s a bit of push and pull to get it to hold together. If you use a fairly strong glue, and press it though, it should hold after 30 seconds or so.

Once it’s dried you should have a surprisingly strong structure. Feel free to accessorise with diamonds!

Final step is the handle. We had some spare ribbon, so just made a hole in each side (not so close to the top that it rips straight away), pulled it through and knotted it. you could use string, or a proper handle of another bag etc.

And there you have it! One fab-u-lous bag! My daughter loved marching round the house with it!