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Pyrography Part 2.

My pyrography hobby seems to have been short lived. The very quick lesson from this blog is don’t buy cheap pyrography pens – they will snap!

My daughter leaves nursery soon to go to school, and so I’d planned to make her keyworker a present. She’s been there for years so I thought it’d be a nice thing to do.

My first pyrography project was good (after some teething problems), and I learnt quite a lot on how to use the pen. For more info see:

So, I sat down last night and actually things went well to start, I’ve learnt how to use the different tips a lot better, and found I was much quicker.

Within an hour or so, I’d almost finished and it look like this.

Pretty nice really, the aim is to put it in a box frame and give it to them on her last day. The only thing in terms of making it, was the tip snapped off in the barrel of the pen, so it’s now unusable. Luckily I’d pretty much finished but it was annoying when I was just starting to get the hang of it.

I’ve now looked at the reviews (maybe should have done that beforehand) and this seems to be a fairly common issue. Shame really as I was enjoying it, but need to have a think about whether I’ll get enough use out of it if I buy a more expensive one. My plans to save a small fortune by making a load of presents for Christmas have been thwarted for now!