Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

Puppet Theatre

Lockdown #3 is now in place in England and the challenges of finding things to do with the kids arises again. Even more tricky this time due to the colder weather and the darker winter mornings/nights.

Today we made a puppet theatre from a cardboard box. Easy to do, and if you used it with home made puppets, this is a nice project to keep them entertained (see Like a Puppet on a String – The Crafty Daddy UK).

Here’s how we went about it.

Take a box, the bigger the better in my view. Cut the a square out of the front. We also cut all the top flaps off just so we could access it easy from above. Save those as you’ll need them.

Then give it a lick of paint, inside and out, whatever colour you like.

We used the flaps from the top of the box to make some pieces to decorate the front. You can see them on the right of the picture above, my daughter painted and decorated them.

After that we talked about what theme we should go for with the scenery. We decided on space (seemed easiest with the black paint) and just freestyled with the decorating. We used kitchen foil for the floor to represent the moon, and I found some wrapping paper with stars on, that we glued to the sides. For the scenery at the back I just let me daughter loose on this – she actually took far more care with it than it than I thought and even went to the lengths of copying all the planets from a book we have. That was a bit of a bonus as meant we talked about the planets for a while. Incidentally my son (7) has just realised how funny talking about ‘Uranus’ is.

Once it was all decorated, we finished off the front pieces and glued them on.

For the curtains, we had to improvise. In the end, we cut up the back of one of my work shirts in to two large pieces and then glued the top of each of them around a stick from the garden, leaving it loose enough for them to move back and forth. We then just threaded the stick through from side to the other.

All finished!

For the puppets we used a combination of ones we’d made before plus some of my daughter’s toys that we just tied to sticks with string so that we could walk them around from above.

My daughter put on a show for, they were absolutely hilarious. A welcome distraction to the bleakness of the last few weeks.

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