Pokémon drawing

This week has seen my son get into the Pokémon Go app. Yeah, I know we’re about 5 years later than everyone else but better late than never! The whole thing confuses me to be honest but this post is just a reflection on getting different ideas out of an interest, rather than Pokémon itself.

I started doing this blog during lockdown as a way of finding some space for something creative and to force myself to think of things to do with the kids. I genuinely think it has helped us put a bit of energy back into doing things, and what I’m pleased about is that kids have become more proactive about sitting down and coming up with ideas themselves. The bird box on Sunday was one (see, but I’ve noticed that quite often lately they’ll sit down and pick up a pencil and paper. Don’t get me wrong, the telly is on in the background – but one step at a time eh!

Last week for example, my son sat down to make his own Superman comic. He put loads of effort into it, and then showed his sister how to do it. I thought that was great.

He spent ages coming up with a cover and storyline for this.

This week its been Pokémon, and rather than just sitting watching the cartoon, on Tuesday we went out with the Pokémon Go app and walked almost 10 miles together. To be fair, I was really impressed with both the app itself and his ability to walk that far – he didn’t moan once.

In terms of the craft/creative side of things – tonight I sat and started drawing Pikachu. The kids sat next to me, and it was great to see them pick up a crayon and start to copy me, without prompting. My son took ages trying to copy the pictures from his comic book as accurately as he can. He did really well. I found that at age 7, he can get a bit frustrated when what ends up on the page doesn’t look like how he pictures it in his mind, but he’s getting more patient as he improves, which is a small victory in terms of lockdown home schooling.

My daughter coloured mine in and went her own way with the colour scheme; but again, took her time and tried to do it properly.

My son took it upon himself to cut them out with scissors and then asked if it was possible to scan them in the computer and resize them so Pikachu was sitting on Ash. I do genuinely feel that sort of thinking has come since we’ve been doing more art based stuff together. One idea leads to another and all that.

After he’d gone to bed, I did just that using Paint 3D (free on Windows). I’ll print that for him as a surprise, he’ll love it.

I’m going to try and think of what else we can do to keep running with the idea. Hopefully we’ll come up with something!