Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

Pine cones

If you’re anything like us, each year the kids will pick up a load of pine cones from the woods with the intention of making something from them. However, skip forward a few months and normally they’re either dumped on the side, or still in the bag.

Here’s a quick idea that we did today to use them up…

Take a canvas or piece of wood/card and give it a quick bit of colour with some paint. Leave it to dry.

Meanwhile, take your pine cones and cut them through the stem in the middle (probably need to do this with some garden clippers or you’ll wreck your scissors). This gives you either a nice flower-like shape, or if you turn it over, a different sort of flower.

Then paint them! We just used normal kid’s paint.

When both your cones and your canvas/card are dry, glue the cones on. Let it dry and you’ve got a lovely colourful picture for the wall or a gift.