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Painting..part 2 – fur

This week I’ve tried to keep practicing painting when the kids are in bed. I’ve continued the dog theme (see but chose to try and paint a friend’s Cavapoo; who is adorable but has really thick teddy bear like fur.

Here’s what the end products looked like:

You can see they’re pretty different. The larger one I was working on a lot and getting very frustrated that I couldn’t get it how I wanted it. The fur is really tricky to do, and although I wasn’t aiming for an exact replica of a photo, I did want something that at least looked like it had some texture. In the end I had to take a break from it as I was getting my hair off. Teaching yourself to paint has its limitations!

I then chose to do a much simpler one, building up the fur from the start by painting simple, thick strands on a dark background. I was pleased with that one, and felt it had a nice style to it that deliberately wasn’t aiming for realism. It encouraged me to go back to the bigger one.

Long story short is that I’m still not sure exactly how to make fur look realistic. I plan to look into this and try and develop. I don’t have the patience for really detailed work, I just can’t see that being my style even when I’m a lot better. So, I need to find a way of making it look good without having to spend hours on it – if you know any tips, let me know!

In the meantime I’ll just keep practicing and see how it goes.

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