Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

Sunday morning – painting, string and conkers…

Lockdown eased (for now), the kids went back to school (including all their after school clubs) and all of a sudden it’s become harder to fit in our craft stuff.  I’m a bit frustrated about that but after a really intense 6 months, I don’t think we should be too hard on ourselves.

We did however find we had a few hours to spare this Sunday and so we spent the time doing a variety of quick things which was pleasant on a warm and sunny autumnal morning.

We also had a quick game of conkers, which I obviously took great pride in beating them at even though I haven’t played it since 1986.

Conkers; best game ever.

Pouring paint….

First thing we did was create a picture by dripping layers of paint.  I’m trying to make sure that where possible we use materials we’ve got around the house (and I’ve used most of the spare wood we had through all the project on this website) but I did find some bathroom tiles in the shed, which seemed like a good surface to paint.

We cut the top off a plastic bottle and put a hole in the lid for the paint to drip through. 

We put some masking tape over the hole in the lid so the paint we’re putting in didn’t pour out straight away. You could obviously use anything you want to do this as long as its got small holes in.   

We then just put layer after layer of paint in the bottle, using all different colours. 

When we’d put 5 or 6 different colours in, we then just took the masking tape off and let the paint drip through the hole on to the tile, moving it around to create a picture.  It made some lovely bright patterns, I was surprised how vibrant it looked.  Took about a day to dry out, but the finished painting is pretty funky! 

The colours don’t really come through too well on the photo, but it looked great. Like someone had splatted a bag of marbles on to the tile.

Using string….

We then tried some string pulled art, by dipping pieces of string in paint, then putting them on to a tile and dragging them across the surface.  I’ve seen people doing quite intricate pictures using this style, but no matter what we did, ours just still looked like a piece of string had been pulled along it! 

My daughter then got bored and decided to just do a load of scribbles with the string.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but no problem, it still proved to be a bit of entertainment for half an hour or so.  The added bonus was the strings all dried in bright colours, which added a nice touch to the game of conkers we used them for afterwards.

Painting conkers…

Finally, we painted the leftover conkers we’d got from a recent trip to the woods.  Not quite as good as painting rocks ( but a bit of fun nonetheless. Look out for these around the local area.