Ideas for arts/craft to make with kids

Life Sized

Little time for craft today, my son wanted to play football after work, so we went to the park instead. However, I was browsing through some photos and came across something really simple that I’d forgotten about so thought I’d put this on the blog.

Essentially you can see it all in the photos! Tape a few sheets of A4 together and then draw around a kid to create a lifesized outline. If you’ve got more than one child, get one to pose and one to draw – this in itself is hilarious if the one posing won’t stay still.

Once you’ve got the outline, the sky’s the limit in what you can do. Colouring alone can take ages, and when that loses its novelty. bring out some paint and then lots of crafty items to decorate it with. Foil, felt, wool, buttons, tissue paper etc etc. Just keep adding and adding for as long as the kids remain interested!

I included this in the blog because craft doesn’t have to be a big thing. This was a really, really simple idea but one which is a) pretty much free if you have paper and crayons etc. and b) can take a lot longer than you might think, which is great if you need just kill a couple of hours in an afternoon. If you can catch the kids in the right mood, then they might happily colour away for ages!