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Bug hotel

Cupboard to bug hotel!

Doing the bird box last week was fun (see, so for our next project we decided to make a bug hotel.

You can proper advice on this from e.g. We’ve still got some leftover wood from having work done on the house last year, including a cupboard which has been getting a bit fusty out the back. We just decided to go with that.

Essentially what we did was paint it and drill some holes in the front so the bugs can get in.

We then added a bit of style by colouring some wallpaper and glueing that on the shelves (may as well give them a nice hotel experience!).

Once it was dry we made a sign for the front (Bugingham palace) and screwed that on. We painted various creepy crawlies on the sides and top.

To fill it, we went to the woods with some bags and the kids found twigs, sticks, pine cones and leaves to bring back and put them in. We also put old egg boxes, some brown paper etc in there.

There’s loads of creative skills involved in the painting and decorating, as well as some learning about wildlife (there could be more of that if I actually knew anything about insects to teach them!)

When you factor in the time it took to get the stuff from the woods, the paint drying (it rained twice so we had to quickly try and find somewhere to put it so the paint didn’t wash straight off) and all the decorating on the outside, this took nearly a whole day. The kids enjoyed it (albeit with waves of being more and less interested) and it kept them busy.

The first thing they asked this morning was to go and check whether we had any bugs in there, so that seems likes a success. As of this morning two woodlice were in there as our first residents – a private booking via Air Bee ‘n’ Bee (#dadjoke)!

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