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My first set of prints!

First set of prints – Exciting!

After my pontifications in I made some minor changes to the orangutan painting, but then stopped, thinking that I wasn’t really adding anything, just playing around. Maybe you get more confident with knowing that as time progresses?

Anyway, I did look into how to get a set of prints and had some lovely advice from on first steps. Essentially there’s something called Giclée, which is an unofficial standard for prints and seems to comprise of the resolution of the image, the paper and the quality of the print. You could do the required standard of printing yourself but its not for the faint hearted due to the costs of the ink etc.

After some playing around with the scanner that’s built into my existing printer, I realised that I could get a good scan resolution on it which was a bonus. I then just did a quick google of printing companies and went with for my first toe dip in getting prints (they had an offer on!). A few days later they arrived – really pleased with how they look. They’re Giclée standard at A4 size on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm with a 2mm card backing (for anyone who cares!). Its satisfying to be developing this hobby, and continuing to learn.

I plan to try and sell the prints for Hopefully someone will be interested!

(Update – they all went via Facebook/Instagram links and I donated the money raised – woohoo!).

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