Blog Ideas for art/craft to make for kids

Some simple ideas

Last blog of the week as I need time to actually do things. Thanks to all those who have stayed with this over the course of its first week!

There’s a second instalment of the Sad Rock stories towards the end of the blog. Today we find out how ‘East’ got sad. I feel like these should build into a kind of ‘Sad Rocks Assemble’ where in the last one they all meet up and are just sad together, but unfortunately I’m not in charge of the script (or yesterday’s reindeer would definitely have got his comeuppance today.)

For now, let’s turn to a couple of nice simple ideas for projects. You could take the inspiration and turn them into Father’s day gifts – make a quick ‘dad’s shed’ plaque and a bead card, wrap them up and then…. watch his face as he smiles whilst wishing you had bought him some beer!

A door plaque:

Who doesn’t love a door plaque? Surely we all had one with MY ROOM – KEEP OUT! hung on the door at some point. I did one as a present for a someone recently. He’s 45 so thought it was a bit strange when he opened it, but he did put it on his door so he must have liked it.

Not really, it was a 5 year old, who was pleased.

Spare floorboard cut into blocks.

To make it I cut some left over floorboards into blocks. Nothing would initially stick well to the shiny surface so I gave it a coat of paint; just some matt wall paint we had left over in the shed.

The paint we’d got was a deep purple, so I chose to paint the lettering in white as a contrast. For this one (see below) I cut out block lettering from some card and then used that as a stencil, dabbing the white paint to try and keep neat lines but if you wanted to paint straight on freehand, you could do. I did the ‘room’ bit freehand and just tried to make sure it wasn’t too wobbly.

To bring it to life a bit, I added a couple of dinosaurs. I copied these off a picture on google images (need to try harder to remember to make a note of the websites). I drew mine straight on and then painted them, but if you had a decent printer, you could print the picture and trace an outline.

To finish it off I then just added something to hang it with, a green bootlace out of one of the kid’s craft boxes as I didn’t have any wire.

Door plaque

There was a double power tool alert. I had to use the jigsaw to cut in to pieces and then the drill to put some holes in the top. This felt very manly and I had a strong cuppa to mark the occasion.

Bead birthday cards:

Going to the shop to buy birthday cards in lockdown didn’t feel like essential travel so we took to making our own when it was my wife’s birthday recently (some people might call it tight, but let’s stick with it being creative for the purposes of this blog!). I guess loads of people with kids have those bead sets, and it was quite quick and effective to put them on a card.

The kids chose a design from their sets, and once they’d made them and they’d set, we just glued them on to some card. They stuck on surprisingly well just using Pritt stick. We went with ‘I love you to the moon and back’ from my daughter, and my son wrote ‘I hope your birthday is a piece of cake’ – a tagline that he thought of himself and was pretty pleased with.

The Sad Rock stories – number 2

Finally, for all those of you who only visited the site to get the next instalment of the Sad Rocks Stories, here it is in all its genre busting glory. Still no happy ending but I look forward to the prequel where hopefully we learn how the human parents managed to have a rock as a son.

Such a shame. What did the haunted house have to do with anything though?