Ideas for art/craft to make for kids

‘Feed Me’ Garden Game

A quick but fun garden game made on a Sunday morning in less than an hour.

Feed Me!

Sunday mornings used to be watching telly and nursing a hangover. Nowadays they involve being woken up at the crack of dawn nagging me to play on my ipad. Today was no exception. The kids came in before 7am and as usual, by the time I’ve made a cup of tea, the bed has been taken over. This morning, I decided to make the most of the time by making a quick game for the garden. It’s now called the ‘Feed Me garden game’; watch out for it soon in all good toy shops*, or build your own for free.

*That bits not true, unless of course Hasbro contact me and want to make it in to a game, in which case it is true and I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make it. I admit I am getting a bit excited at using the Jigsaw.

  1. Find a piece of wood.
  2. Cut some holes in of various sizes. For anyone thinking ‘how do you get the holes cut?’ – Good question. I’m sure there is a better way, but as you can see from the photo I just did a bodge job of cutting into it and then around. It worked fine.

3. Keep the wood from the middle of the holes. You can get the kids to decorate them and hang them in the garden.

Keep these to paint another time.

4. Give it a lick of paint. Any will do, this was just out of the shed.

5. When dry, just draw some faces around the holes to look like the mouths are open. We just used the kids paints. It will wash off over time, but who cares? – a good excuse to paint new pictures!

6. Paint some scores on and then playing the game also includes a cheeky bit of maths! As you can see above, I initially made the mistake of putting the higher scores on the biggest hole. When I unveiled this game to my son, he quickly pointed out that makes it too easy to get high scores. I sighed, had to admit that he was right and swapped them around.

7. Let it dry and you’re all finished. Take it in turns to throw bean bags/balls through the ‘mouths’ and add up the points. Be a competitive mum/dad, and thrash them. Do not let the kids win (that’s a joke, I didn’t need to let them win, they beat me anyway).

Rocking the pyjamas and patent shoes look.