Crafty Daddy UK

Hello and welcome to my website,!

I’m a dad with two children who enjoys doing arts and crafts with them.

I wanted a space to capture the stuff we do together, explain it to others, and hopefully inspire other dads. I’m not too bothered whether the projects turn out well (its only a bit of fun) and I’m not that patient either, so expect honesty about the process, and maybe a few anecdotes about keeping them interested. If we did something and they didn’t like it, I’ll be sure to let you know too!

Have a browse and hopefully you’ll come across something you find interesting or want to have a go at. There’s things I’ve done with my kids, for my kids and then the occasional post on art/craft I’ve done myself for the enjoyment of it.

As well as the website, I’ve been busy writing a novel! You can have a look and buy here if you wanted to, thanks for your support!

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